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Talent Engagement Tracking Software

Streamline your hiring process from the beginning to the end with JointEight ETS proactively connecting with passive, active, and low-hanging candidates. Bring professionals on the same platform, engaging them with your company at the human level at unique recruitment events.

Data Driven Organizations Optimize Hiring & Business Processes

Hire culture-fit talents with the software that leverages your company’s values, goals and visions.


You are more likely to hire top professionals


As likely to retain professionals


Enable Easy & affordable candidate tracking

Why Talent ETS?

It is crucial to retain the all-important human connection in the automated recruitment process. Conventional methods revolve around tiresome and time-expensive processes of résumé screening followed by subsequent rounds of interviews for final short-listing. Adopting innovative styles, embracing changes, and leveraging data are keys to optimal talent hunt and business survival.

JoinEight is a robust AI-powered solution that enables an out-of-the-box recruitment process engaging candidates and tracking experiences. It seamlessly automates the hosting of informal events for candidates to meet your brand onsite for direct interaction and evaluation. The immersive experience gives you the chance to pick low-hanging candidates ahead of competitors.

Combine fast-paced technology with a human touch in the hiring process.

‘WOW-experience’ for candidates.

Candidate Engagement

Deliver Exceptional Candidate Experiences at Any Scale

Create and manage an extraordinary candidate journey having single or multiple company locations. Connecting potential candidates at a single event minimize hiring efforts while humanizing recruiter-professional interactions. JoinEight automates and streamlines the process of giving its customers a personalized candidate experience in less time:

Reduction in the offer decline rate
Time to hire reduction
Branding awareness

Business Result

Maximize the Performance of Your Existing Human Assets

JoinEight connects talent pools and their experiences on a single desktop freeing your HR to concentrate on company activities. At the same time, the team is capable of initiating the best of candidate experiences, assess behavioral traits, and forecast optimized hiring. The results are visible in the recruitment of culture-fit talents, improved business productivity, and branding:

Deliver Better
Increase in recruiter
Improvement in candidate profile
Reduction in time to connect with

Why JoinEight?

The software that connects the talent with the company’s mission & vision

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