How it Works

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Networking starts by showing up.

Register today via your LinkedIn profile. Join professionals who share your areas of expertise.


Get Inspired.

Find and attend local events crafted for professionals like you. Our platform is engineered to help you redefine your event experience.


Empower your career.

You'll be able to advance your career by learning trending topics in the industry, meeting experienced speakers and connecting with fellow attendees before, during and after the event.

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Be there for your followers.

Join as a speaker using your LinkedIn profile. Here is a community of professionals ready to get inspired by your success.


Promote your experience.

Create an impactful profile and display your areas of expertise to a large community of organizers and attendees.


Empower your brand.

Get (or reach out) to opportunities to be a speaker at professional events. Connect with organizers and followers.

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Be where your audience is.

Register via your LinkedIn profile and unlock the power of professional networking.


Plan Easy. Execute Flawlessly.

Create an event. As an organizer, you'll access an intelligent, data-driven platform to connect with pre-qualified attendees, speakers and a list of suggested venues. Our technology allows you to optimize the event cycle and plan ahead.


Review your event. Stay connected.

We make data look easy. Evaluate the performance of the event; including attendance, engagement, ROI, and other essential KPIs to ensure your next event planning have a superior level of success. Use these insights to reach the right audience and reconnect with a community of past attendees for future events.