JoinEight is an engagement tracking software that combines the best of technology with human warmth.

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Branding Engagement Tracking Software

Host onsite hiring events with JoinEight automation and have the best professionals participating in them elevating your brand’s relevance in the industry. Expand your networking, give your brand more exposure, and set out brand-ambassadors with a first-hand experience to talk about it more.

Why A Branding ETS?

Today’s professionals are eager to discuss brands offering value-added incentives. Interacting with these professionals at the personal level during hiring events is an excellent opportunity to build better brand awareness and image. JoinEight seamlessly automates these events allowing your brand to generate referrals, win new customers, strengthen the bond, and increase the loyalty of existing customers in a unique way.

“Events can be an opportunity to showcase your company culture.”

Current Industry Trends

Why JoinEight?

Software that builds brand awareness & generates interest in by automating hiring events.

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