When professionals connect, great things happen.

About Us

We believe in 'empowering your brand'. Our goal is to enable you to get to the next level through real networking that happens in events. JoinEight is a professional networking company powered by intuitive technology and a team crazy about data. We are challenging old systems where professional events were bundled on websites and had to fight for attention. By giving attendees, organizers, speakers, and venues a platform to find, create and participate in local professional events, we are changing the meaning of professional networking and revolutionizing the event cycle- professionals can stay connected before and after, everyone gets a chance to empower their brand.

We are redefining the market of professional events.

Networking has evolved, and we understood the way professionals could leverage events to maximize networking needed to evolve, too. We are giving a different spotlight to attendees, organizers, speakers. They have an opportunity to connect through an intuitive, intelligent platform.
More importantly, these connections go beyond being empowered by data and have the unique potential of creating a community.