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Reduce cost per hire by increasing engagement

1 Software Engineer Hire in San Francisco

  • $150,000
    (Base Salary)
  • =
  • $15,000
    (Interview Cost)
  • +
  • $10,000
  • =
  • $25,000

On average customers can save $350,000/year hiring cost

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JoinEight Products

We integrate with your ATS and CRM

Engagement Tracking System

JoinEight’s Engagement Tracking System (ETS) is a unique platform that facilitates this initial conversation through an informal meeting.

It allows companies to understand and assess candidates better while also sharing with them the vision and objectives of the organization.

Candidate Tracking System

JoinEight’s Candidate Tracking System (CTS) is a convenient tool for companies to save time, increase productivity and streamline hiring efficiency.

People Powered Recruiting

JoinEight’s People-Powered Recruiting (PPR) technology provides an avenue for companies to access a large candidate funnel through people’s untapped networks.

Our mobile application helps you manage and track your informal events

Our smart software tracks all your engagement metrics. So all you have to do is order the food and drinks.

Available on Google Play Store Available on Apple App Store

People Powered Recruiting (PPR)


PPR technology uses AI/ML to find out candidates that are a close match with your requirements.

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Earn a referral reward for every contact that matches with a company.

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