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JoinEight is a cloud-based Engagement Tracking Software that optimizes the hiring processes of businesses by transforming the experiences of candidates and companies. It integrates with ATS and CRM software and enables a seamless connection with talent pools with a human touch. Candidates engage in unique onsite experience through events powered by it and leave as brand representatives talking about it to others.

JoinEight is here to make a positive difference to all your hiring and branding metrics.

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Talent ETS

JoinEight platform proactively connects you with a wide range of candidates going beyond the conventional keyword scanning methods. This powerful solution enables you to stay ahead of the competition, picking the best culture-fit talent through the informal settings of onsite hiring events. It automates the process of invite and event setting, saves costs and at the same time enables human connection for the best hire.

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Branding ETS

We have been exposed to branding all our life. Managing reputation with both employees and customers is vital in today’s market. The goal of employer branding is to present the company as a desirable organization to attract high-quality candidates and customers.

Candidates are your customers, and customers can be candidates. JoinEight platform provides you a tool to leverage and grow this relationship.

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What Our Customers saying?

"JoinEight helped us in finding the right candidates that meet the job qualifications and fit with the company culture and current employees with informal meetup. It takes a special team like JoinEight to deliver favorable results!"

Pruthvi S Director & Co-Founder, Commondoor Realty Private Limited

"JoinEight engagement tracking software highly recommended. I like to see more people and companies getting a benefit; most especially those who are having a hard time to fill open positions."

Michelle Binns Director of Engineering, Santa Clara, CA

"These guys are BOON for startups, they even work for single positions so effectively and efficiently unlike Bulk hiring."

Asha Talent Acquisition Specialist, Bengaluru

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